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A qualified medical marijuana caregiver may legally purchase and possess medical marijuana on behalf of a patient who is also qualified for its use. This is known as a caregiver referral. As the patient’s legal escort, the patient’s guardian, they are also the patient’s advocate. People with medical power of attorney, the patient’s parents, or the patient’s legal guardian can all serve as caregivers.

Applicants for a caregiver license must meet the following requirements:

  1. 21 years of age or older
  2. Current resident of Mississippi
  3. Never held a license, identification card or other state-issued document participating in the medical marijuana program that has been revoked
  4. Has not been convicted of a disqualifying criminal condition in the last five years
  5. If in possession of a professional license, the license must be in good standing

Limits to caregivers.

  1. A qualified patient can only have one caregiver at any time.
  2. A caregiver can only assist qualified patients with the use of medical marijuana. This includes purchasing, acquiring, possessing, delivering, preparing and administering medical marijuana to qualified patients.
  3. Caregivers are never allowed to consume or use medical marijuana for their qualified patients.
  4. Caregivers are not allowed to grow, cultivate, manufacture or process medical marijuana for qualified patients.
  1. The standard initial nonrefundable fee is $25.00.
  2. The designated caregiver criminal background check nonrefundable fee is $37.00 to be paid to MSDH for conducting the required background checks.

Learn more about how to become a caregiver from the Mississippi Department of Health.

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